Quality assurance

Based on the Scandinavian healthcare system, our clinics uphold the high medical and treatment standards. Falck doctors and medical staff operate according to medical standards and recommended best practices to ensure that patients receive the best possible care, consistent across all of our clinics.
  • Operating procedures and protocols are in accordance with leading organisations such as the World Health Organisation, World Medical Association (WMA), and other recognised accrediting agencies such as Joint Commission International
  • Our medical ethics policy is based on the WMA’s Declaration of Lisbon on the Rights of the Patient and International Code of Medical Ethics
  • Falck’s medical services are based on contemporary evidence-based practices
  • Our Group Medical Office, located in Copenhagen, acts as a quality assurance unit within Falck. It sets the standards and monitors the medical quality in close collaboration with the medical directors responsible for local implementation.



​Medical standards and protocols

Quality assurance activities
We implement medical standards transformed into protocols and pathways to ensure we practice medicine based on internationally acknowledged, evidence-based medicine and recognised best practice principles. ​To ensure dependable, consistent, and thorough patient care, we perform internal audits, patient satisfaction surveys, and we monitor Medical Quality Indicators.  Additionally, most of our clinics are ISO9001 certified.

​Quality organisation

​We assign clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations to everyone working at each clinic. This medical quality organisation is part of our structure, with accountability solidly integrated into the management of each clinic. ​We hire competent and capable staff to support Falck’s fundamental vision of people helping people in a competent, efficient, and reliable way.

Medical equipment
Reporting practices
​Clinic equipment is contemporary and complies with all local legislation and required certification. ​To improve quality, we document and measure patient outcomes and satisfaction.



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