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Dr Paula Techera

Falck’s medical and clinic staff help improve the lives of thousands of patients around the world. In Montevideo, Uruguay, Dr Paula Techera explains what People Helping People means to her. 


When Doctor Techera arrived at work one morning in December, she found a letter for her at the reception. “Thank you,” it read.


She did not recognise the sender’s name but after skimming the letter she realised what it was about.


A few days earlier, the 34-year-old doctor from Montevideo in Uruguay spoke on the phone with the mother of a girl with a severe stomach ache. The girl had already been checked at a hospital, but the mother was still worried and decided to call Falck.


”Her voice was trembling when she told me about her daughter.”


Paula Techera is always ready to help clients who ask for her advice on issues concerning illness and health. She works over the telephone or in the field – so to speak – visiting clients at home or providing help at one of Falck’s medical clinics in the Uruguayan capital.


”The mother didn’t feel that she was being heard at the hospital, so she called Falck,” explains Doctor Techera.


”To me the secret of a good relationship with my patients is to treat everyone with respect and to be honest and open. People are people. I treat everyone the same way.”


Together with nurses, psychologists, physical therapists and other experts, Paula Techera is part of a team of specialists covering all fields of care. They help subscribers with everything from lifestyle disease prevention to crisis counselling and recovery following accidents.


After having talked to Paula Techera the mother scheduled an appointment with a local doctor who had previously treated her daughter.


“I really like to listen and to reassure the people who come to me for help. It’s always nice to know that you make a difference, so obviously I was very happy when I received the Thank You note,” says Paula Techera




Paula Techera, 34 years old

  •  She works as a doctor in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.

  • She has been with Falck for eight years.

  • When not working at one of Falck’s clinics or giving medical advice on the phone, she visits clients who are in need of a doctor. 


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