Healthcare services to individuals, corporations, insurance, and government clients

Falck offers high-quality medical services that accommodate the needs of individuals, corporations, insurance companies, and national health authorities.


For private clients
We provide a wide range of healthcare services at our polyclinics  and rehabilitation  centres. Everyone is welcome, and we do our utmost to assist you in a relaxed and stress-free environment. We also provide specialist referrals if necessary. 
Rehabilitation clinics

We offer a fee-for-service for walk-in-patients. For regular visitors, such as families, we offer a subscription service, which can include a number of doctor visits per year, emergency medical services, and discounted specialty visits, as well as vaccinations, baby healthcare and rehabilitation.
For corporate clients
We provide convenient, tailored occupational health and medical services for employees, either on site or nearby their place of business on a contract and/or co-payment basis.

These services include discounted access to our polyclinics, counselling, work-related rehabilitation  and doctors-on-call  services for employees and their families.
For insurance companies
We provide treatment for policyholders at a reasonable cost. We aim to treat most cases ourselves and when necessary, will refer patients to our local network of quality specialists.
We offer cashless terms for insurance holders, or cost reimbursement, and our electronic medical records can be coded according to ICD10 Codes (the International Classification of Diseases), or tailored to the insurer’s own coding system.
For national health authorities
We provide public healthcare services on a reimbursement or cash-free basis.
For every customer we serve, from individuals to corporate clients, Falck’s philosophy is the same: to provide seamless, high-quality care to everyone who seeks treatment.


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