Doctors on Call

Illness…caring for children while one of them is sick…disability...traffic or infrastructure problems…

There are many good reasons why getting to a doctor can be challenging, and just as many reasons why Falck’s Doctors on Call service, which offers home medical consultation, can help.   When our doctors travel to and treat patients directly in their homes, it makes life a little easier during a difficult time. It also allows patients to recover safely and calmly in a familiar environment.

Benefits of using our Doctors on Call service include:


  • Service-minded primary care physicians trained to examine and treat patients at home, 24/7, every day of the year
  • No patient travel time
  • Waiting is done at home, reducing patient exposure to further illness
  • Drug prescription is done on site for direct purchase at the nearest pharmacy
  • Network specialists are referred when needed
Falck’s Doctors on Call service is available to private subscribers, insurance holders, and companies who have a service contract with Falck. Discounts on related services such as specialist consultations, treatment, and medication are also available with this subscription.

Our Doctors on Call are trained general practitioners, paediatricians, and family specialists. Depending on the nature of the call, a nurse may also accompany the doctor.


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