On-site clinics

Whether working in an office building or at a manufacturing site, your employees need access to good, dependable primary healthcare services, wherever they are in the world. Falck operates over 50 on-site clinics, primarily in Australia, India, Papua New Guinea, Poland and Slovakia. Each clinic is clean and modern, and staffed by professionals who practice according to western medical standards.


We customise our approach to meet each client’s needs. To find the best medical solutions for your company, industry and site, we work closely with you to optimise each medical service set-up to ensure that your operations are safe, cost-effective, and meet current and future regulations.


Benefits of a customised on-site clinic:


  • Ensures business continuity with a professional medical service that operates according to global standards of care
  • Consolidates medical service suppliers
  • ​Reduces internal resources through one point of contact for all medical-related issues
  • Tailors solutions to client needs, using a proactive approach
  • Builds a long-term partnership, where we take the time to focus on and fully understand your business
  • Transfers medical responsibilities and liabilities to Falck’s medical expertise
  • Available as a turn-key set-up solution


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