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Falck provides a platform, Falck Alert, where employees and third parties can make a report in good faith. Reports can be made on any concerns about or knowledge of, improper actions committed or likely to be committed, and which, due to the nature of the concern, cannot be reported through the normal reporting lines. Falck’s main priority is that these concerns are heard, through any channel available, so that Falck can deal with the issue appropriately.
The concerns may be regarding unethical or illegal practices, such as fraud, law violations, anti-competitive behaviour or corruption which does not comply with laws, the Falck Code of Conduct or internal policies.
Falck Alert is hosted by an independent third party which allows for fully anonymous and confidential reporting in 8 different languages, meeting all data protection regulations.
The system is open 24 hours, 365 days a year and is open to all employees and third parties to be used via the Falck Alert app or online.
Falck guarantees protection against any discrimination or retaliation for anyone making a report in good faith on suspected or actual information, concerns or knowledge of improper actions committed.
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