Business areas

Our business consists of six core business areas: Ambulance, Healthcare, Community Healthcare,  Assistance, Fire and Global Assitance.

Ambulance provides emergency responses to injured people in order to treat illnesses and injuries that require an urgent medical response and transport to definitive care. The service is provided at a global scale with highly skilled paramedics and ~ 2000 vehicles.

Healthcare provides services within healthcare preventive actions, treatment and reactivation of employees in Scandinavia. Through a network of health competencies ranging from psychologists to chiropractors, it is ensured that the right action is taken at the right time in order to get employees back to work.

Community Healthcare provides services to more than one million subscribers through emergency response, medical consultations and patient transportation in Latin-America. The main activity are consultations, and they are delivered face-to-face or virtually/digitally by doctors, nurses and paramedics on call.

Assistance provides services within Roadside Assistance and Patient Transport primarily in the Nordics. The first mentioned service includes repairment of costumers’ vehicles on site or transfer the vehicle to a repair shop. The Patient Transport service ensures customer transportation to and from treatment or examination in hospitals and clinics.

Fire services include fire prevention and consultancy services within safety, compliance and readiness (Industrial Fire Services) at a global scale and firefighting (Public Fire Services) in Denmark.

Global Assistance is a full-spectrum international assistance company that assists travellers before, during and after an international travel or when stationed abroad. The international travel services cover medical, security, crisis management and remote-site services.

Falck milestones
Falck’s company development from its origin in 1906 to the present:
​1906 ​Assistance

2001 Healthcare
​1907 ​Ambulance ​2003 Clinics

​Doctors on-call

​2004 Start of globalisation
​1909 ​Fire fighting equipment sale and education ​2008 ​Alarms
​1922 ​Fire fighting 2009 Global Assistance


​Fire fighter school


​Ambulances in USA and Latin America


​Private subscriptions


​New long-term owners (Lundbeck
​1942 ​Artificial lungs to polio patients ​Foundation and KIRKBI)
​1997 ​Offshore training ​2014 ​TryghedsGruppen included in ownership


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DK-2450 Copenhagen SV
Tel.: +45 70 33 33 11

CBR: 16271241​

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