Lundbeck Foundation

The Lundbeck Foundation holds 59.15% of the shares and is thus Falck's largest and controlling shareholder.


The Lundbeck Foundation is a Danish-based commercial foundation striving to significantly improve people’s health and wellbeing by:

  • supporting independent Danish research at the highest level, primarily within biomedicine and the natural sciences, and promoting the international scope of the research
  • creating shareholder value within the Lundbeck Group and other internationally renowned companies – now including Falck – and helping them become world leaders in their respective fields.
The Lundbeck Foundation was founded in 1954 by Grete Lundbeck, widow of Hans Lundbeck, the founder of the pharmaceutical company H. Lundbeck in 1915.
In 2015, Lundbeckfonden supported health science research, natural science tuition and research communication with grants totalling 59 million euro. The Foundation’s sponsorship covers salaries for 551 scientists and other research staff as well as running costs connected with projects. The largest single recent grant is a three year grant of 16 million euro to the extension of the integrated psychiatric research project iPSYCH involving leading scientists in Europe, USA and Australia. The funds will allow iPSYCH to pursue its pioneering research into the mechanisms behind some of the major psychiatric diseases.


The KIRKBI Group holds 28.59% of Falck's shares. 
KIRKBI is a holding and investment company owned by the Kirk Kristiansen family who created the world famous LEGO brand. The company’s activities are focused on three areas:
  • KIRKBI owns 75 percent of the LEGO Group, which develops, manufactures, brands and sells toys
  • KIRKBI owns 29.8 percent of Merlin Entertainments Group, the world’s second largest operator in the area of amusement parks and other leisure activities – and the owner of the LEGOLAND parks
  • Investment activities which include long-term equity, real estate, private equity, long term fixed income as well as liquid investments.
The Kirk Kristiansen family supports through the LEGO Foundation a number of non-profit causes helping to inspire and educate children into being committed citizens through fun, constructive and creative play.
The other shareholders of Falck A/S are:
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Falck A/S' share capital is nominally DKK 81,445,955 consisting of 81,445,955 shares with a nominal value of DKK 1,00 each.

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