Falck plays an important role in national and regional healthcare systems and value chains. We are there when we are needed, and our highly skilled staff saves lives, cares for patients and provides psychological and physiological treatments that improve people’s lives.
In other words, health is our business, it is part of our DNA, and our employees are proud to provide prevention, protection and emergency response to their local communities. Globally, Falck employees perform voluntary first aid training, support the work of local communities in terms of bystander resuscitation (CPR), carry out accident prevention training, etc.
As a global provider of ambulance services, Falck wishes to contribute to the development of prehospital care through close partnerships with public healthcare players, local communities, patients and their relatives as well as technology providers. We engage in projects that explore new ways of providing prehospital care and exploit new technologies in a scalable way in order to enable more healthcare for less.

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