Falck is a leading multinational fire services provider for the nuclear power industry with significant operational experience protecting critical infrastructure. Due to the high risk factors, nuclear and other energy production facilities require absolute safety and reliability.


With Falck, you get a highly competent, dependable, long-term partner who understands your fire service needs related to nuclear energy. We can provide a customised service package for your facility, ensuring your complete satisfaction and guaranteeing safe and reliable fire services for the future.


  • Fire Brigade Management
    • Fire Prevention Services
    • Maintenance Services
    • Other Service
  • Consulting Services
    • Scenario based risk assessmen
    • Fire and explosion consequence modeling
    • Emergency response planning
    • Disaster management plan
    • Business continuity planning and crisis management
    • Fire engineering
    • Fire and gas detection and protection systems design and specification
    • Fire brigade dimensioning
    • Fire and rescue benchmarking service
  • Fire Training
    • Basic fire training
    • Advanced fire training
    • First responders
    • Fire team members
    • Fire team leaders
    • Incident commanders
    • Crisis management
  • Medical Services
    • Site based ambulance and rescue services
    • Occupational healthcare​
    • Medical clinic

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