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For a wide range of high-risk environments across many different industries, our professionals and crews have extensive knowledge and experience. Our thorough scenario-based assessment of each individual facility means we can help you to plan and execute all fire fighting and rescue needs safely and efficiently.


With Falck, you get a highly competent, dependable, long-term partner who understands the fire service needs in many different industries. We can provide a customised service package for your facility, ensuring your complete satisfaction and guaranteeing safe and reliable fire services for the future.



  • Fire Brigade Management
    • Fire Prevention Services
    • Maintenance Service
    • Other Services
  • Consulting Services
    • Scenario based risk assessment
    • Fire and explosion consequence modeling
    • Emergency response planning 
    • Disaster management plans
    • Business continuity planning and crisis management
    • Fire engineering
    • Fire and gas detection and protection systems design and specification
    • Fire brigade dimensioning 
    • Fire and rescue benchmarking service
  • Fire Training
    • Basic fire training
    • Advanced fire training
    • First responders
    • Fire team members
    • Fire team leaders
    • Incident commanders
    • Crisis management
  • Medical Services
    • Site based ambulance and rescue services
    • Occupational healthcare​
    • Medical clinic

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