Benefits of Integration

No matter what industry you are in, we customize our approach to meet every client’s needs, working in close collaboration in order to find the best fire fighting solutions for your industry and site. This means you optimise your fire service to meet your specific challenges in the context of latest and future regulations, making your operation safer and more cost-effective.


Key benefits of an integrated customised fire service solution:


Falck delivers flexible solutions tailored to client needs and a proactive approach with one point of contact for all fire and accident related issues, thereby reducing the need for internal resources. We consolidate the number of current service providers, as Falck can deliver all fire-related services including training, consulting, onsite ambulance services and onsite medical clinics.

We provide you with compliance services ensuring a full overview, control, and transparency in line with industry, local, national and international regulations and control authorities. Finally, we build long term partnerships, where we take the time to focus on and fully understand your business thereby securing sustainability, and business continuity for you, though outsourcing to a trusted, professional partner.

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