Operational Control

A transparent, controlled, and continuous reporting structure is vital when it comes to outsourcing something so critical as your fire brigade. At Falck, we document and monitor all of our service deliveries through a defined Service Level Agreement.


Furthermore we continuously measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and we make sure our ideals are aligned with the client in order to optimise costs.


Outsourcing with Falck means you can:


  • Fundamentally simplify your fire service operation
  • Achieve better financial control by entering into a contract based on an agreed fixed monthly fee
  • Develop a mutual investment plan during the contracting phase in order to optimise your equipment
  • Obtain strict cost controls on your goods and services, delivered from a supplier who has a holistic understanding of your fire services operation


Our specially developed IT operating system allows for a full overview and control of all services and deliveries for your fire brigade. For you, this means continuous access and reporting to data related to KPIs and services provided.

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