The leading experts in fire and explosion management

At Falck, we specialize in fire and explosion hazard management and fire engineering.


We deliver fire protection consultancy to refineries, terminals, storage tank farms, offshore, and chemical production facilities, airports, and other high-risk industries.


Our experienced consultants have worked on projects in over 70 countries.


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  • Scenario based risk assessment
  • Scenario analysis
  • Fire and explosion consequence modeling
  • Process safety planning
  • Emergency response planning
  • Deployment plans
  • Attack plans
  • Disaster management plans
  • Business continuity planning and crisis management
  • Fire engineering
  • Fire and gas detection and protection systems design and specification
  • Fire brigade dimensioning
  • Design of fire training grounds


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  • Fire brigade management and operations
  • Service delivery and development




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  • Fire protection systems testing and inspection
  • Fire Systems Integrity Assurance (FSIA)
  • Emergency response exercise management and assessment (fires, toxic release, oil spills, hazmat)
  • Competency assessment and training
  • Audits
  • Incident investigation and reporting



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  • ​National and European standards for fire suppression systems
  • Industry and company fire hazard management and safety standards
  • Research and testing of fire types, fire modeling and fire systems operations
  • Workshops and seminars  
Reasons to request our fire and explosion hazard consulting services can include:
  • New plant construction
  • Insurance company regulations (asset protection and BI)
  • Internal safety audit response
  • Change of codes or standards
  • Change of industrial process within the plant
  • Change of owner or occupier (possibly when documentation is incomplete)
  • Proof for authorities that the plant complies with international safety standards
  • Operational legal requirement
  • Management discretion


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