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About Falck Global Assistance

At Falck Global Assistance, we help people travelling and working abroad. Every day, all year we serve leisure and business travellers and expatriates with international travel emergency assistance and medical and security risk solutions all around the world.
Our profound understanding of the risks and mechanisms of emergencies enables us to mitigate and manage, advice and assist our customers with comprehensive safety-related matters in all environments. 

A worldwide, comprehensive and integrated response service with 24/7/365 availability​

No matter the geographic location and industry, companies want to ensure the health, safety and security of their employees and customers travelling or working abroad. This is what we do in Falck Global Assistance. Every day, we assist and support companies in meeting their ambitions and obligations to take properly care of their employees. With us, companies ensure alignment between their Duty of Care obligations, corporate strategy, brand reputation and social responsibility commitments. Ultimately enabling the company and its employees to stay focused on the business.
Through an extensive network of medical and security providers and specialists, we cover all regions and parts the world. Our network works alongside regional emergency response centres staffed with doctors, nurses and security specialists who are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
This way, we are able to help companies with everything related to health and safety. Anything from pre-travel vaccination advice, travel tracking, crisis response or evacuation to best local treatment facility. In short, Falck Global Assistance delivers comprehensive assistance services to companies and international travellers wherever they are in the world.

The services we offer

Falck Global Assistance assists before, during and after a travel or stationing abroad.

Our values

​Our ultimate objective at Falck Global Assistance is that our customers feel in safe hands.

Global Network

Suppliers have all undergone quality management and vetting procedures.

​Falck Global Assistance is a part of Falck Group that offers worldwide rescue services.

About Falck Group
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