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Whether visiting a medical clinic in India, getting psychological help in the Congo, or being evacuated from Malawi, Falck Global Assistance can help.
Falck Group has locations in 44 countries on six continents, making us the world's largest international rescue company. Falck is expanding rapidly in all parts of the world, becoming the preferred pre-hospital and medical partner for governments, corporations and public society. No matter the geography or purpose of the travel, e.g. business travel or stationing, Falck Global Assistance is there to help.

Facts about our global presence 

  • We have global emergency response centres in Northern Europe (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland), North America (USA), and Asia (India, China and Thailand).
  • Each year, we handle more than one million patient transports and 4,000 international repatriations.
  • Falck’s medical network extends to more than 200 healthcare clinics and 80 medical clinics in six continents.
  • We employ more than 350 authorised psychologists who conduct over 130,000 hours of conversations with employees and leaders every year.
  • We perform more than 7,000 annual health checks.
  • Falck is the world’s largest international ambulance operator with more than 2,000 ambulances in 22 countries in Europe, USA and Latin America.
  • Every year, we train more than a quarter of a million people in safety and rescue. 
  • Ability to navigate local health systems and cover all geographies and environments with more than 100 assistance partners and 60,000 certified suppliers worldwide. 
All suppliers of Falck Global Assistance are part of a global network and all have undergone quality management and vetting procedures.
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​Falck Global Assistance is a part of Falck Group that offers worldwide rescue services.

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