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Our Service Concept

At Falck Global Assistance, it is vital to take good care of people. We want them to feel that they are in safe hands when interacting with Falck Global Assistance. This is our ultimate ambition and therefore an integral aspect of the way we do business and serve our customers. 

Quality control and customer service​

To make sure that we live up to our ambition of making people feel in safe hands, several internal procedures are in place to ensure the highest service deliveries in terms of customer care and service solutions. We perform stringent quality control and employ the same standard operating procedures throughout all our emergency response centres. 
Our service concept is based on a set of principles and KPIs, such as high accessibility, high information levels and as few points of contact as possible. In addition, we perform ongoing customer satisfaction surveys. These initiatives serve to support our overall goal and to stay on track in our efforts to always improve and develop as a worldwide trusted assistance partner. 


​Falck Global Assistance is a part of Falck Group that offers worldwide rescue services.

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