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News from 2016

Busy summer at Falck Global Assistance


Falck Global Assistance has experienced a high increase of cases this season.

Update on the situation in Thailand

During the last 36 hours, 11 explosions have hit several popular tourist destinations in Thailand.

Update on Zika virus

Get the latest information about the spread of Zika virus.

Latest update on the situation in Turkey

The security situation in Turkey has been assessed to be stable after the weekend’s attempted coup.

Update on Coup Attack, Turkey

Stay updated on the latest development in the situation in Turkey.

Security update and awareness to the psychological effects after terror attack

Since the terror attack in Nice, Falck has followed the situation in France closely and we continue to evaluate the situation. The need for assistance and emergency counselling is now decreasing.

Coup Attack Turkey

Around 23.30 local time military personnel blocked the Bosphorus bridges and sieged strategic points in Ankara including the Turkish national TV NTV.

Attack in Nice, France

Falck Global Assistance are in highest alert and has already helped and assisted several people with logistics, transport from Nice.

Attack on the Ataturk airport in Istanbul

Late Tuesday evening, a gun and bomb attack on the international airport Ataturk in Istanbul in Turkey, has killed at least 36 and injured 147 people.

Falck Global Assistance strengthens its presence in Turkey

New cost control centre in Turkey expands the footprint of Falck Global Assistance. The office in Istanbul opens on 1 July 2016.

Gastroenteritis tops diagnoses lists

Figures show that gastroenteritis is frequent during vacation.

Crisis team returns from Brussels

After two days in Brussels, the crisis team will leave Brussels Thursday evening.

Crisis team in place in Brussels

Late Tuesday evening, a crisis team from Falck Global Assistance arrived in Brussels to provide information and support to Nordic travellers and expatriates who are in the city.

Deployment of crisis team to Brussels

Falck deploys crisis team to Brussels to assist Nordic travellers and expats.

Safely skiing

Thorough preparation and a couple of simple advice can prevent skiing injuries and minimise the risk of enforced interruption of the vacation.

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