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We provide international travel safety and assistance for your employees when they travel internationally.

International travel safety and assistance

Assistance Before, During and After an International Travel

An increase in the level of international travel is a natural consequence of globalisation and global business activities. Several companies are crossing boarders to do business globally. Factors such as economic growth, international trade and increased international travel activity all contribute to a world that seems smaller and more accessible than ever. Companies that decide to exploit this world of opportunities and choose to engage in global business should focus even more on the wellbeing and safety of their employees when they go on international travels.
Falck Global Assistance is a full-spectrum international assistance company that assists travellers before, during and after an international travel or when stationed abroad. We will work as your partner within corporate travel management ensuring that you make the most of your international business activities by providing advice, information and travel assistance for you and your travelling employees 24/7. Our most important job is to make sure your employees can travel safely no matter where they go.
We offer international travel solutions and travel assistance to global companies, international organisations and insurance companies. From travel advice before going on an international travel, to help and travel assistance during the travel or information after the travel. Our international travel solutions include:
We can tailor our international travel solutions to cover your need for travel safety, travel advice and travel assistance while doing business globally.

International Travel Safety is at Our Heart

We meet many organisations and companies that have engaged in international business or global business activity. They all ask themselves how they can ensure the travel safety and wellbeing of their employees when they travel internationally.
Fundamentally, it is our experience that the difference is not that significant between leisure and business travel. The discomfort of losing your luggage, being assaulted or falling ill is equally disturbing in both contexts. We are here to assist either way with information, travel advice and emergency assistance if needed. To us, the most important is for you to get on with your doings as quickly as possible.
With Falck Global Assistance, you can get any service that relates to international travel assistance. Our bespoke medical, security, travel risk and crisis management solutions cover all your assets 24/7 all over the world.

Your Partner Within All Aspects of International Travel Activity

Conditions and requirements vary from country to country, and there are many things to consider when doing business internationally and sending employees on business travels. We help you stay compliant with your duty of care obligations and take properly care of your travelling workforce in any matter such as travel tracking, travel advice, emergency response or evacuation plans.
We assist and support customers of insurance companies and travellers and expatriates of global businesses, NGOs as well as governmental organisations in every aspect related to international travel - before, during and after a trip - such as:
  • Pre-travel health checks, vaccination and travel safety advice programmes and training
  • Medical and security emergency assistance, including logistics planning, medical treatment referrals and evacuations
  • Travel risk management programmes, including travel tracking programmes
  • Crisis management services, including business continuity plans and deployment of crisis teams
  • Remote-site services such as set up and management of remote-site clinics, telemedicine
In short, we are here for companies and organisations who seek to fulfil their duty of care commitments and take care of the health and safety of their global workforce, or put in other words, we are here for anyone who travels, work and do business internationally.

International Business, Travel Risk Management and Duty of Care Commitments 

As the international interests of companies have increased, so has the need for addressing companies' health- and safety-related measures as part of corporate travel management. Add to this that international business travel has become more frequent and more complex, and it becomes clear that the importance of and expectations to employers acting responsibly toward the health and safety of their travelling employees need to be addressed. Or put in other words, employers in a global world have to consider and actively meet their Duty of Care obligations.
In most cases, insurance is a financial risk mitigation tool and not a Duty of Care solution. With the latter, you apply a 360-degree approach to employee safety by considering various aspects related to international business travel and activities such as company travel policies, travel tracking solutions, emergency response and evacuation plans and communication processes. As the concept of Duty of Care varies geographically, it not only includes a legal but also a moral obligation towards an employer's workforce. Read more about Duty of Care here.
We will help your company gather information and get an overview of all activities related to travel risk management and to meet your Duty of Care ambitions obligations towards your international travellers and expatriates.
For easy overview, we have divided our many services into three service memberships:
  • Medical Membership
  • Security Membership
  • Crisis Management Membership
Furthermore, Falck Global Assistance offer a wide range of Remote-site Services that can be tailored to specific needs. We help you  cover all aspects of corporate travel management.

International Assistance Services

Medical and emergency assistance

Global 24/7
emergency response.

Travel risk management

Stay aware and learn
to handle potential
security risks.

Preparation and effective crisis response

Develop a professional
crisis management plan.

Facilities at remote locations

Safe work environment in
difficult worksites.

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