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Crisis Management Services

Preparation and effective crisis response are at the heart of successful crisis management. For companies and employees, it is important to know what the specific risks are and what to do if an incident occurs. Based on an in-depth assessment of your company, including risk profile and specific security needs, Falck Global Assistance can provide the tools to manage a crisis before, during and after the incident.
Our experienced crisis response specialists can give your internal crisis management team a thorough introduction to the subject area and provide sparring and help to develop a professional crisis management plan. 

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In a real crisis situation, it is imperative that there are no uncertainties or practical problems in relation to the actual crisis response. To help make sure of this, our crisis management specialists can help your company test your crisis management setup and procedures to reveal gaps in procedures and avoid misunderstandings or practical difficulties. We offer a range of courses and training sessions in order to test the efficiency of the company’s crisis management plan as well as the specific crisis response measures.

The usual business procedures of your company are often interrupted during a crisis situation, and many resources are relocated to handle the increased volume of incoming calls and enquiries from the overseas employees, the media and relatives. Falck Global Assistance can train your employees in handling the incoming calls in relation to the crisis, or you can let the experienced experts at our emergency response centres answer or route the calls for you with dedicated phone lines to a committed crisis response team. 
Our 24/7 emergency response centres around the world work seamlessly together to avoid any call overload or unanswered crisis-related enquiries. The emergency response centres are staffed with highly specialised employees, such as multilingual emergency coordinators, crisis management experts, security experts, doctors, psychologists, paramedics and nurses. They are trained and certified to handle and solve major and minor crises as well as people in distress.

Evaluation and assessment of the crisis response following the incident is essential in order to mitigate future crises. Here, it is important to evaluate the overall risk management plan as well as the actions and responsibilities of the employees involved. Falck Global Assistance’s team of experts can help your company retrieve control of the business, recover from the crisis and move forward.
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