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Remote-site services

Companies that operate in specifically challenging surroundings, such as remote locations, hostile environments or offshore areas, often have particular needs in terms of accommodating health and safety matters. We can advise companies on and assess the risks involved with operating in difficult worksites, provide a long range of remote-site services to help create a safe work environment for your employees and prepare them for the job. 

Supporting businesses via integrated tailored solutions

In cooperation with you, our team of experts help evaluate the potential site’s medical and safety risks via online intelligence and site visits. Based on this information, our experienced professionals will make recommendations regarding medical staffing, equipment and the specific remote-site clinical operation. This includes training, deployment, staff management as well as clinical treatment guidelines, SOPs and clinical support functions.
When the nearest suitable medical facilities are far away, it is imperative that you have the right medical equipment and facilities on site to keep your employees safe. Tailored to your needs, Falck Global Assistance can provide, organise and run remote-site medical clinics, deliver specialised ambulances and vehicles as well as medical equipment for all purposes. 

To retain a skilled workforce while away from home and avoid logistical delays, we can help organise remote-site industry-specific training and first-aid training courses. 

In case of emergencies, our 24/7/365 emergency response centres stand by with instant access to multilingual assistance coordinators and medical experts for medical advice, medical assistance or evacuation.

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