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Innovative online risk portal

​Falck Global Assistance’s innovative online risk portal gives up-to-the-minute information regarding health, safety, and security for 192 countries worldwide.
Aimed at both corporate travellers and corporate travel risk managers, the portal provides the most important information first, with special notifications for immediate risk and in-depth information as needed.
A customised company page can house travel policies, procedures, and contact information. 
For companies, a portal is an integral part of their Duty of Care set-up, ensuring that travelling employees are aware of any destination hazards for which they must take suitable precautions. 

How is Falck Global Assistance’s online risk portal unique?​ 

We not only provide information about medical and security risks, but we also advise users on how to manage those risks. It was designed using behavioural science concepts proven to improve user compliance to safety procedures and recommendations and is easy to use, web-based, and accessible via both computer and mobile.
For more information and demonstration about GlobalAware, please contact our corporate advisors at: ​

​Falck Global Assistance is a part of Falck Group that offers worldwide rescue services.

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