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All companies have an obligation to care for their employees away on assignment regardless of geographical region. The company management has a duty to make sure their workers are aware of the potential health and safety risks in a particular region and are trained to manage them. We can help your company meet the Duty of Care objectives towards your employees so both company and workers can focus on the job.

Falck Global Assistance covers the whole world through own offices as well as a vetted network of trusted and certified partners, providers and suppliers. We are available 24/7 for immediate access to a team of security specialists.

Tailored Travel Risk Management Programmes​ 

When travelling to an unfamiliar region to do business, it is important to be aware of the potential security risks in the area and be equipped to handle any incidents. 

Our Travel Risk Management Programme gives your company an overview of the potential risks facing your workforce and how the workers should be prepared and trained for their travels. Based on your company’s specific business needs and travel policies, we can help create a comprehensive travel risk management setup. Via employee risk tracking, we make sure your company has the right security information in order to secure the health and safety of the workforce before, during and after an assignment. 

Via our easy-to-use, web-based online risk portal, travellers can access a global risk map and get the latest medical and security news from a country, region or a city, such as civil unrest, crime rates or health risks, and we can provide travellers with travel alerts before and during the trip so they know what to be especially aware of and what actions to take to mitigate potential risks. 

While away on international business, we can offer travellers a number of security assistance services. These services include 24/7 security advice by phone, travel alerts, close-protection and meet and greet services, local security referrals, in-country safety response services and evacuation.
As a part of your company-specific travel risk management programme, we can help identify any incidents or actions that requires evaluation when returning home. This provides your company with valuable feedback and knowledge, and it can be a helpful insight for the employees.
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