The founder's vision

When Christiansborg Castle, located in the Danish capital of Copenhagen, burned down in 1884, 19-year-old Sophus Falck volunteered in the rescue work. Without any real control or structure, paintings, furniture and other artefacts were simply dragged out of the castle while the fire fighters struggled in vain to put out the fire. The lack of organisation during the rescue work made a big impression on Sophus Falck and was one of the major reasons he founded the Falck Rescue Corps – today The Falck Group.
His mission – first and foremost – was to help. To create order in chaos. And that’s what he wrote down in his manifest:

  • Always to assist – whether payment can be expected or not – whenever people, animals or valuables are in danger.
  • Always to attempt to prevent and minimize the extent of the damage in the best and quickest way possible whenever an emergency occurs.
  • Always to bear in mind that quick assistance is twice the assistance.
These deliberations were Sophus Falck’s vision in 1906 – and it is still the core of what Falck symbolises today – more than a hundred years later.

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