Emergency medical services

Falck bought its first ambulance in 1907, and began operating what was then the first automobile ambulance in Scandinavia. Today, Falck is the world’s largest international provider of emergency medical services.
Falck provides emergency medical services to the general public in 22 countries in close collaboration with the authorities. Falck’s more than 2500 ambulances respond to four million emergency calls each year: people who are critically ill, women in labour and accident victims. Falck also provides a large number of other prehospital services, including emergency helicopters and rapid response units with paramedics, nurses and doctors.

New technology in the ambulances
Basically, Falck is about people helping people. We always apply the latest technology to help our employees help people in need.
At the turn of the millennium, Falck was among the first ambulance service providers to monitor ambulances using GPS and GIS. This gives the dispatch centres much better knowledge of the location and availability of the ambulances. This enables us to always direct the nearest available ambulance to an emergency location, saving critical time as well as lives in the process.
Falck also actively supports the development of telemedicine, and, in some countries, our ambulance crews can transmit data on patient heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation directly from the ambulance to a specialist at the hospital. Based on these data, the specialist can then guide the ambulance crew and ensure that the patient receives optimal treatment while still in the ambulance.

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