Employee assistance programmes

For more than a decade Falck has been Denmark’s largest private-sector provider of EAP health services. In recent years, these activities have been expanded to Norway, Poland, Slovakia and Sweden.
Falck’s EAP health activities are aimed at preventing accidents in the workplace and to help people avoid loss of working capacity as well as strain and injury. The goal is to help maximise job satisfaction and for each individual to perform efficiently throughout his or her working life. Through the EAP activities, Falck can help reduce employer costs related to sickness absence. In addition, the public sector saves on social security costs and insurance and pension companies have fewer compensation costs related to occupational injury and incapacity for work.
Falck’s network of nurses, doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists and other professionals make up a well-coordinated team of specialists that provides services ranging from the prevention of lifestyle diseases and reviews of complicated patient cases to psychological crisis therapy and rehabilitation following an accident or a work-related injury.
These preventive and health-promoting efforts are provided through private subscriptions, pension companies, job-related schemes or the public sector.
The effects of EAP health services received support from a research report from the University of Southern Denmark in 2012 documenting that access to preventive treatment through Falck can reduce sickness absence by as much as 15%.


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