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​When Sophus Falck founded Falck in 1906, the company's first assignments were to salvage valuables during fires and similar emergencies.
That is still our objective but today Falck also works to prevent accidents and damage to private homes and other buildings.
A Falck alarm system not only prevents break-ins and theft, it also detects fires, gas leaks and flooded basements. Each alarm system is connected to a 24-7 call centre that dispatches an on-duty guard.
If a home or building is damaged by storm, fire, severe flooding or a fallen tree, Falck supplies bilge pumps or protective covers. Falck can also dispatch will tree-cutting experts to prevent further damage.

Many accidents occur in the home or at the workplace. Falck helps to maximise safety by making customers aware of how to prevent accidents and emergencies and by helping them prepare for situations when an accident nevertheless does occur.
Falck offers first-aid courses to private and corporate customers, because we firmly believe that everyone should have first aid knowledge.
Falck sells safety products such as powder extinguishers, fire blankets, defibrillators and first aid kits on a subscription basis. These safety products enable clients to take action if an accident occurs. The company also offers a variety of training courses to teach customers how to handle these safety products correctly.
Falck specialists can also help prevent damage by performing a full safety check of a customer’s homes or other premises. For corporate customers, Falck can prepare systematic plans for any specific course of action that should be taken if an accident occurs.

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