Other services

​Falck offers a variety of other services in many areas. Among those are:
- saving costs and improving quality in patient transportation
Falck use auto-scheduling for its non-emergency patient transport service. Compared to manual dispatching of the patient transport vehicles, auto-scheduling saves costs and improves quality for Falck’s costumers.
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Business services
- helping businesses feeling safe
Falck helps businesses feeling safer by focusing on company safety requirements - to the benefit of both the business and the employees.
Falck provides everything from fire extinguishers and defibrillators to first aid seminars and risk management.
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Public-private health partnerships
- cooperating with the public sector in the health sector
Falck Healthcare collaborates with public sector institutions in providing services within areas such as assistive equipment, physical and vocational rehabilitation, accident prevention and establishment of health training centers.
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Quick intervention
- helping sick people as fast as possible
Falck believes that when people need help to overcome physical and mental problems, quick action is essential.
One of Falck’s specialties is quick reviews of complicated patient cases, with Falck’s network of specialist doctors diagnosing the patients and helping them all the way through the healthcare system.
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