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Falck’ red roadside assistance vehicles have been a familiar sight on the Danish roads since the 1930s, and millions of Danish drivers have been helped by Falck’s skilled roadside assistance officers over the years.
In the 1990s Falck expanded its roadside assistance business to the rest of Scandinavia, Finland and Estonia.
Our services are mainly based on subscription packages aimed at private, corporate and public-sector clients. All vehicles can receive assistance in case of accidents or breakdowns: cars, trucks, busses, caravans, trailers, bicycles, motorcycles and even boats.
Falck provides roadside assistance when a car breaks down or is involved in an accident. In most cases, Falck’s employees are able to fix the car on the spot, allowing the motorist to continue the journey. If this is not a possibility, Falck makes sure clients get to their destination and transports the vehicle to a requested destination, e.g. a repair shop. 
Falck’s roadside assistance provides cover no matter where in Europe vehicles breaks down - be it Trondheim, Turin or Trieste. Falck Euro Service is an extensive network of local roadside assistance companies who act as partners, providing the right kind of help to Falck clients in places where Falck’s own roadside assistance is not present.
Falck strives to ensure its clients the highest possible degree of safety and security. Thus, we offer car service checks regularly in order for clients to feel comfortable getting behind the wheel and be on their way. And with Falck’s safety gear in the car, everyone is well-equipped to help themselves and others in case of an accident.
Falck offers professional help in case of anyone in the vehicle experiencing mental or physical problems as the result of an accident. Falck also provides legal assistance in the event of a dispute with another party or an insurance company.

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